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Your Business Needs Loyal Customers

Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are 5 times more likely to come back.

Keep Every Customer

50% of customers don't return. With hooQd, you're now able to message and entice them to come back.

Automatic Marketing

You're too busy, so let hooQd remember when to message each member with personalized offers.

Gain Customers & Grow Profits

Your built-in referral program turns every loyal customer into your marketing partner.

Who it's for

hooQd is designed for all retailers of any product or service.

Loyalty programs work for businesses of all types that rely on repeat customers.

health services
hair salons
home services

Use one, some or enable them all.

You can design your loyalty program to best suit your business and the customers that you serve. Every plan includes all our features - yes, even our free plan.

Lotteries & Ballots

Everyone loves to win. Give ballots away with control over how many winners are drawn and what they can win - and how often.


Like the big chains, your customers can now collect points that they can then use toward your goods & services.

Door Prizes

Encourage customers to visit, often. Door prizes can be issued upon each visit or however often you choose.

Referral Program

Word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool. Thank your customers for telling their friends & family.


The classic loyalty program that we all loved, but now they're not just for cups of coffee and slices of pizza. Reward repeat purchases of anything.

Custom QR Codes

Print codes that your customers can scan to trigger events like a door prize or to launch your app on their mobile device.



Digital Physical

COVID-19 and quarantine may have changed the retail landscape forever. Foster relationships with your customers that go beyond your shop's front door.

In Your Shop

Place QR code stickers and cards at the door, at your registers, on product packaging or at your tables. Download and print or we can send you some ready to go.

Virtually Everywhere

Every scannable QR code is also just a link, which you can send via email, newsletter or even text message. It works just the same when customers can't visit the store.

Stick 'em up

Place stickers at your checkout, on tables, packaging or on marketing material. With nothing to download or install, customers just point their smartphone camera at your codes to start collecting.

Download DEMO QR Codes to Scan

each code triggers unique rewards

Send 'em out

Since QR codes are just fancy links, you can use links wherever you use other links, like:

  • on websites & in social media
  • in emails and newsletters

Make the world your storefront. hooQd provides you with the tools to attract, and retain, customers from beyond your local community.


How it works

When your loyalty members scan QR codes that you place in your store, on your website or in your marketing material, it links them to you through your customizable hooQd loyalty app.

download a pdf of sample codes to scan

Create & Print Codes

Quickly create an unlimited number of custom codes that can be placed in-store, on packaging or sent digitally in emails or as links on your website.

Each QR code can be configured with location and usage restrictions:

1 per scan
total available: 1
member limit: 1
Grab the QR source code
  • Image source code
  • Link source code
Scan, Click & Collect

To redeem their prizes, points or completed punchcards your customers simply show their unique QR code to one of your authorized staff members.

Return & Redeem

Launch in new window: launch

It works everywhere, for everyone.

Identity and data security is more than preventing its theft; it's about never putting it at risk in the first place.
Anonymity & Security

Simple. if your customers wish to remain anonymous, they can - and still participate in your loyalty rewards programs. They need not provide their email address, create an account or even share their first name if they so choose.

Works on all mobile devices

Nothing to download or install. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop; it doesn't matter. It just works.

Sophisticated Software. Simple Solution.

Loyalty rewards programs are everywhere because they work. No longer the privilege of big brands, hooQd makes it affordable for small, independent businesses to reap all the same benefits as the national chains.

Keep 'em coming back

When you need just one more punch on that punchcard or 10 more points to redeem a reward, your customers will choose to revisit your shop or service over that of your competition. It's a cycle that benefits you both.

Know Your Customers

Learn what drives your customers to come back; learn which of your products or services they find most appealing and when to offer what promotion and to whom. This data will enable you to what your competition cannot: grow, faster.

Targetted Growth

Invest your time and resources where it will benefit you most. Focus your energy on the customer segment that will reward your bottom line while ensuring that those same customers feel appreciated for their loyalty to your brand.

Virtually Everywhere

They're your customers even when they're not visiting. Stay in-touch with them every week with promotions, discounts, coupons and other incentives that drive them back to your store... today.

It's your App.

Just like our demo, your app will work on every device and require no download to use. Small businesses can rarely afford the cost of app develpment, let alone the costs associated with the upkeep for each platform, like Apple® iOS and Google® Android. With hooQd your customers see your logo, your colors and your domain name; they interact with what they will see as your custom mobile app, while you never worry about the software or its maintenance. Keep your focus on your bottom line, not the tech.

It's your brand and they're your customers so we feel that their experience on your hooQd powered app should be about you and nothing else. On our Grow plans you can even choose to use your own domain name - or a subdomain of your exisitng website.
Your logo
Your customers use your hooQd powered app they see your logo and company name, not ours. We believe that their loyalty in your brand should be the only focus while using your app so they won't see any mention of us.
Your Colors Here
Your colors
Customize the colors of the app to match those of your storefront, business cards or website; when they visit your app to collect or redeem their rewards, they'll see a consistent brand message - yours, not hooQd.

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